The University of Zilina (UNIZA) is one of the most significant educational institutions in the Central European region in the field of transport. It is the only one university in Slovakia which covers mobility and transport (railway, water, aerial, intermodal) by both the education and research.

At present, there are about 8,000 students being educated in more than 120 accredited fields of study in all forms and degrees of university studies at UNIZA. In over 66 years of successful existence of it has become the Alma Mater for more than 81 000 graduates, highly skilled professionals specialising mostly in transport and technical fields.

University is divided into 7 faculties and 2 research centres (University Science Park and University Research Centre), mostly concerned with transportation research and information and communication systems and education. Tradition and long years’ experience are meeting here with modern infrastructure and equipment to provide appropriate conditions for the activities planned within this project.

UNIZA facilities have a yearly scientific and research capacity of almost million hours. Within this capacity, over 100 APVV and VEGA (national) projects, 15 projects from EU Structural funds, around 25 applied research projects and 15 projects of international science and technology cooperation are implemented each year. University research capacity lies mainly in participation in international co-operation projects within the EU 5th, 6th and 7th Framework program, H2020, COST, INTERREG, EUREKA projects of bilateral co-operation. Research is focusing on full range of transport problematic.

UNIZA cooperates with foreign universities and research organizations not just from Europe but also from America (USA, Mexico) and Asia (Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan). The cooperation is based on bilateral agreements, memorandums, or on specific programs (ERASMUS+, CEEPUS, Danube Strategy, Action Austria-Slovakia, etc.). The University has signed bilateral cooperation agreements with more than 150 foreign partners and it belongs to the most successful universities within the Erasmus+ Program.

The University by its activity supports the growth of safe and sustainable transport, follows the newest applications of information technologies as well as the development of legislation conditions in the passenger and freight transport in Europe. UNIZA researchers are well- experienced experts in all fields of transport and economics. UNIZA counts also almost a dozen of certified SUMP auditors, which are regularly involved in creating the SUMP and Mobility action plans for different cities in Slovakia